Safretti fireplaces add exclusiveness to your interior. The Safretti collection includes decorative LED water vapour and bioethanol fireplaces with unique design and excellent quality. LED water vapour fireplaces in particular have become the most popular product due to their safety and genuine flame appearance.

Inspiroom is the official exclusive representative of Safretti in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland.

LED water vapour fireplace

A LED water vapour fireplace is a safe design element for your interior. These fireplaces have become famous because of their safety and real-looking ‘fire’. A LED water vapour fireplace is perfect for everyone who would like a fireplace effect in their interior without worrying for the safety of their pets or children. A LED water vapour fireplace is an ideal solution for adding exclusiveness to your interior.
  • Safe: the realistic fire effect is created with water vapour and LED lights
  • Easy to connect: direct connection with the water supply system or manual filling
  • Low water consumption (fireplace can run 6-8h with a 2-litre water tank)
  • ‘Fire’ intensity can be adjusted with a convenient remote control
  • Supports healthy interior climate
  • Extremely easy to operate, does not require a chimney 

Safe environment – flames without fire hazard

Exclusive water vapour fireplaces offer a safe solution for creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in places where using real fire would cause problems. The realistic flames can be safely enjoyed in an apartment, summer residence or in the HORECA sector – there are no restrictions! Safe choice for a home with small children and pets.  

If you would like to add warmth and beautiful design to your room, the Safretti range also includes bioethanol fireplaces.

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